Here is the schedule for Rinpoche’s upcoming visit to Toronto in April 2014. We look forward to your presence as we all receive the immeasureable benefit of Rinpoche’s collection of unbelievably rich teachings and guidance.

Sat., Apr. 12 – Sun. Apr. 13: How to do Buddhist debate and logic

10:00AM – 5:00PM

Suggested Offering:   $ 40 per day or $ 60 for both days (GC members)

Debate is training in logical analysis, which is a central part of traditional monastic education. The point of developing clear logic is not simply to win intellectual arguments, but to become skilled in meditative analysis of the Buddha’s teachings. Traditionally, a monk or nun hears teachings on topics of debate; then they read the texts, memorizes the definitions and divisions and then, on their own, thinks about the meaning of what he is studying and meditates (analytical meditation) on its implications. After this preparation, they are able to debate the topic with others, and to help clarify their own or other’s wrong view.

Thurs., Apr. 17: Mongolia slide show to raise funds for Gaden Relief Project for Gobi Monastery

7:00PM – 9:00PM

Suggested Offering: $ 25 (includes a standing dinner and drinks)

Please join us for an exciting slide show of Rinpoche’s recent trips to stunning Mongolia, and of the successful work Gaden Relief has been doing to help revive Mongolia’s traditions and to provide health care to the urban and rural poor. All proceeds go directly to Gaden Relief Projects and their ongoing work in Mongolia.

Sat. Apr.19 – Sun. Apr. 20 (Easter weekend): Lam Rim Retreat & Green Tara  

(612 Markham St. – Bathurst and Bloor)

10:00AM – 4:00PM both days

Suggested Offering: $45 per day

Lam Rim is a step by step guide for training on the path to enlightenment. Both study and practice are essential tools for deepening our understanding of our spiritual path and our place in the world. The essence of Lam Rim is self-discipline in meditation, calm abiding, mindfulness, compassion and wisdom of Shunyata (or emptiness). Please join us as Rinpoche introduces the Lam Rim and explains who to integrate its practice into our daily life, both on and off the meditation cushion.

On Sunday, Rinpoche will continue his teachings on Green Tara, the female Buddha of active compassion. In this retreat, we will have an opportunity to listen to lectures, engage in group discussion, practise meditation, recite mantras and do visualisations – gaining first-hand experience to understand what is required to become our own inner alchemists – the foundation for living a life of peace, health, happiness and clarity.

Wed., Apr. 23: Chöd Initiation, according to Gaden Ear Whispered lineage.

7:00PM – 9:00PM

Suggested Offering: $ 35 for GC members / $ 45 for non-members

Chöd originated in the 12th century by Machig Labdron (1062-1153 C.E.), a highly realized female lama. The purpose of the practice is to develop wisdom and compassion; to heal the sick, remove obstacles, and purify an environment of negative forces using peaceful means. Chöd takes a nonviolent yet radical approach to healing by welcoming negative mental states and harmful forces. These are referred to in the tradition as internal and external “demons,” that might normally give rise to fear and reactivity. Instead of fighting against them, we nourish them, offering our own bodies. This allows them to become allies. Through this process we uncover the truth of our indestructible nature.

Fri., Apr. 25: Very Sacred Black Dakini (Tronag) Initiation, according to Gaden Chokor; Manjushri given to Je Tsongkapa.** Note: In order to receive this initiation, you need the Chöd initiation on the 23rd as a prerequisite.

7:00PM – 9:00pm

Suggested Offering: $ 35 for GC members / $ 45 for non-members

There are two black dakinis: Dakini Ear Whispered lineage Black Dakini initiation and Gaden Ear Tradition Black Dakini Initiation. This time Zasep Rinpoche will give the Gaden tradition Black Dakini initiation which is part of 10 initiations called 10 Jamyang Chokor – Manjushri’s circle of initiations given by Lama Umpapa Powo Dorje to Lama Je Tsongkhapa.
Sat., Apr. 26: Chittamani Tara Initiation, Tagpu Dorje Chang lineage (Only given in Gelug tradition) **Note that this initiation requires permission from Zasep Rinpoche to attend, as it requires entering keeping certain precepts of a teacher-student.

2:00PM – 5:00PM

Suggested Offering: $ 40 for GC members / $ 45 for non-members

Chittamani Tara is the Highest Yoga Tantra form of Green Tara, the female embodiment of the loving kindness of all the Buddhas. Chitamani Tara practice is quickly ripens our Buddhanature by identifying with the enlightened body, speech, mind, activity, and environment of the guru-Buddha.

Sun., Apr. 27, Teaching and Practice on Chittamani Tara

10:00AM – 5:00PM

Suggested offering: $ 40 for GC members

Those who have received the Chittamani Tara initiation are invited to attend this one day retreat, where Rinpoche will explain the practice, lead meditation, and be available to clarify all of our questions.

Wed., Apr. 30: Benefits of Sadhana and Mantra Retreat.

7:00PM – 9:00PM

Suggested Offering: $ 20 for GC members / $ 30 for non-members

Sadhana (“means of accomplishment”) is a structured meditation that involves physical postures, oral recitation, and meditation and visualization. This is the primary practice of the Buddhist tantric tradition, but can sometimes overwhelm practitioners unfamiliar with the basic structure, goals, and benefits of its practice. Mantra recitation, and especially the “Close Retreat” (reciting 100,000 mantras of a Buddha in order to “draw close”), is equally perplexing for practitioners. Please join us for this special teaching on the benefits, structure, and goals of sadhana and mantra practice in Tibetan Buddhism, and how these fit into the structure of our own spiritual practice.

All events will take place at Gaden Chöling, except for the LamRim & Green Tara Retreat.