Jan 24-26 2020: Chittamani Tara Weekend with Zasep Rinpoche

Chittamani Tara Weekend: Empowerment and Weekend Teachings with H.E. Zasep Rinpoche

Chittamani Tara is the Highest Yoga Anutara Emanation of Green Tara. As it is the most advanced Buddhist Tantra Yoga of Mother Tara, this very precious practice includes body mandala and completion stage practices — beyond profound. This is the one practice that can lead to Enlightenment in this lifetime. [Much more on Chittamani Tara below the event poster.]

H.E. Zasep Rinpoche wrote the definitive Tara book, Tara in the palm of your hand.

H.E.Venerable Zasep Tulku Rinpoche, our precious teacher, will provide empowerment, followed by the important practice commentary weekend. Rinpoche received this lineage from His Holiness Kyabje Zong Rinpoche, in a very direct transmission back to Chittamani Tara Herself. Rinpoche is also the author of the popular book Tara in the Palm of Your Hand, available on Amazon>>

For senior Vajrayana students, don’t miss this opportunity to empower your Tara practice, with initiation FRIDAY night January 24 6:30. Empowerment / Initiation is required to attend the full weekend teachings on the following Saturday and Sunday, Jan 25-26, 2020.


Chittamani Tara

Green Tara Buddha is almost certainly one of the most popular Yidams in Vajrayana Buddhism. In Tibetan Buddhism especially, Green Tara is accessible to all, Mother of all the Buddhas, and virtually a “universal” symbol of Active Compassionate Wisdom. Green Tara, who is also a Savior Goddess, is as accessible to the prisoner in jail as to the most benevolent of monks — she is Universal and open to all. With her right leg outstretched, ready to leap to our aid, she is among the most approachable of Buddhist deities. [Excerpted from Buddha Weekly, with permission.]


Chittamani Tara detail from original art by Ben Christian.


But many people don’t realize she has a “Highest Yoga Tantra” aspect called Chittamani Tara (translates as “Mind Jewel Tara”) — a profound “two stages” practice.

Tara is everywhere

His Holiness Kyabje Zong Rinpoche, a teacher of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and one of the great masters of the Chittamani Tara lineage. H.E. Zasep Rinpoche received the lineage directly from his great guru Zong Rinpoche.

There is a saying in Tibet, “All men are Chenrezig, and all women are Tara.” This isn’t a light turn of phrase. The Oneness of phenomenon is expressed in this phrase, together with many other profound concepts.

During a Chittamani Retreat in Nelson, B.C., H.E. Zasep Rinpoche explained the concept of Tara teaching universally to all levels of student:

“Tara is everywhere. Tara is in the pure lands. Tara is here also. Why is Tara in the pure lands? Tara is in the pure lands to teach to the Bodhisattvas, the highly realized beings… Then, Tara comes down to us, many aspects of Tara — 21 Taras and so on — and there are other aspects of Tara, like Vajrayogini, Palden Lhamo, and so on and so on. Tara comes to us as deities, as Dharma protectors — so Tara is here, now.”


Highest Yoga practice

Chittamani Tara is a Highest Yoga Tantra practice (maha anu yoga) of Tara. This does not mean She is a “higher deity” — the Boss Tara. She is still Tara. Tara is always Tara. The Enlightened Mind has no limitations in terms of form. Here, with Chittamani Tara, the form is similar to regular Green Tara — the main difference is only in the practice, and the twin blue uptala flowers visualized (instead of the single with Green Tara). There are 21 Taras, and 108 Taras for a reason — there are that many ways to practice, and more. There are even other Higher Tantric forms of Tara, including Vajrayogini.

Yet, Chittamani Tara is the “Highest Yoga” Tara from the point of view of Tantric practice as Green Tara. (Not to be confused with Cintamani Tara “Wish-fulfilling” golden Tara.)

Gelek Rimpoche quotes the root text: ” In the root text Tara herself says,

‘According to your wish I will explain how to practice the Tara tantra in the system of maha anu yoga tantra’. Although normally Tara belongs to kriya tantra, this tantra is made into maha anu yoga by Tara herself. And of course, in this particular case, there are many continuing activities through teachings, initiations, and oral transmissions.” [2] Here, Tara was speaking to the great Gelugpa Yogi Takpuwa Dorje Chang.


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