H.E. Zasep Rinpoche: What is Buddha Nature: Tathagatagharba?

The teachings of Mahayana Buddhism say that every sentient being has Buddha Nature, Tathagatagharba. There are two kinds of Buddha Nature: primordial or natural, and […]

H.E. Zasep Rinpoche: What is Buddhism? Excerpt from Tara in the Palm of Your Hand

What is Buddhism? To begin, let us look at the question, what is Buddhism? Many people erroneously think that Buddhism is a religion similar to […]

Video teaching on Chod: H.E. Zasep Rinpoche offers a teaching and demonstration with beautiful cutaways to 108 Springs Retreat

In this extraordinary video, H.E. Zasep Rinpoche introduces Five Dakini Chod Machig Labdron practice with full teaching, followed by a demonstration, in full, of a […]

Weekly Mahamudra Meditation Group Practice at Gaden Choling — Every Thursday 7:30pm

Join us for a weekly practice group on Gelug Mahamudra Mediation. There are no special requirements, all are welcome. Stephen Tang will lead meditation sessions […]

“Enjoy your day. Enjoy your friendships. Enjoy your meditation. Rejoicing is the antidote for self-pity, envy and jealousy.” — Zasep Rinpoche

Most Buddhist practice — and Buddhist living — can be distilled down to the concept of “antidotes.” When our gurus give us teachings, it’s almost […]

Black Mahakala: when you practice this wrathful form of Chenrezig you “feel protected”

Black Mahakala is the wrathful Enlightened protector emanation of Chenrezig — Avalokiteshvara, the Compassionate Buddha. Just as any father might demonstrate wrath and fierceness to […]

Happy Birthday H.E. Zasep Rinpoche!

We wish Venerable Zasep Tulku Rinpoche a very happy birthday — and many more: “May the pure white light of your peerless wisdom shine undiminished […]

Video advice on the loss of a loved one and bereavement from H.E. Zasep Tulku Rinpoche

“What advice would you give for a student who is dealing with the loss of a loved one?” — question from a student ADVICE FROM […]

Chod Practice: Ultimate Bodhichitta “Cuts your attachments”

The vivid and visceral imagery of Chod Practice — where you visualize offering your own body to all sentient beings, chopped up into grisly bits, […]

Saga Dawa, the month of Merit: celebrating Buddhas Birth and Enlightenment.

Saga Dawa (sometimes Saka Dawa) is the “Month of Merit” where, traditionally, all of our meritorious karma is particularly fruitful.

Medicine Buddha guided healing meditation video: H.E. Zasep Rinpoche

A short 16-minute guided Medicine Buddha meditation and “mini teaching” from H.E. Zasep Tulku Rinpoche, from the learning video series from Buddha Weekly. The most […]

Books by H.E. Zasep Rinpoche

H.E. Venerable Zasep Tulku Rinpoche continues to share precious knowledge through an expanding list of his books, available now on Amazon in most countries: Rinpoche’s […]

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