Day Retreat On Buddhist Ethics and Guru Yoga @ Gaden Choling
Nov 18 @ 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
Day Retreat On Buddhist Ethics and Guru Yoga @ Gaden Choling | Toronto | Ontario | Canada

We will be having a short Day retreat at Gaden Choling on Sat.. Nov. 18th, from 10am-3pm with a break for lunch at 12:30.

This practice retreat will be an introduction to and first class on Buddhist Ethics, Vows and 6 Session Guru Yoga, the heart practice of Vajrayana.

The retreat, in particular, will be a look at the Diamond Sutra and how an understanding of the link between karma and the ultimate truth of Emptiness is the foundation for Buddhist Ethics and so, Vajrayana as well.

There will be presentation, study and Q & A and 2 meditations on Guru Yoga,

The retreat will be facilitated by Matthew Richards

Suggested donation of $10.

Any questions or for more information, please contact Matthew.

Matthew Richards has been a devoted student and practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism in the Gelugpa Tradition since 1995 and a close student of Ven. Zasep Rinpoche since 1996. He has completed many Vajrayana retreats, received many teachings from many high Lamas in Tibetan Buddhism, including H.H. Dalai Lama, has done a number of Buddhist pilgrimages in Asia and maintains a committed daily personal practice of meditation. He has a keen interest and background in Energy-Healing modalities and their relationship to Tantric Buddhism. In particular, he is a Master’s Level Reiki Practitioner and Teacher, has studied Therapeutic Qi Kung and East Asian Shamanic Traditions and has a personal connection to Japanese Shingon Tantric Buddhism. Matthew was a volunteer hospice worker for many years in both Vancouver and Toronto. Matthew earned a Masters Degree in Western Philosophy from University of Ottawa in 1997 and has been a full-time career Flight Attendant since 1994.

Matthew and his wife, Cristina Sanchez, have been actively involved in the Tibetan Buddhist community both in Toronto and Vancouver and have helped administer both Gaden Choling and Zuru Ling Temples. They recently completed the 4 & half month Chumig Gyatsa Wandering Chod Retreat in Alberta in the summer of 2015. Ven. Zasep Rinpoche has requested Cristina and Matthew to teach at his various centers here in Canada.