Dharma Biography

Bob Kapitany PhD (Karma Gelek Paljor)

Dharma practice began rather spontaneously for me in my late teens. In the mid-1970s, shortly after completion of a PhD, I met my root guru in the form of the Very Venerable Kema Ananda (now deceased) with whom I studied Vipassana. Upon completion of that practice, I was advised to seek a Vajrayana teacher. In the late 1970s I met and received extensive initiation and teachings from Karmapa, Sakya Trezin and Kalu Rinpoche in very short order. It was with Kalu Rinpoche that I had the very good fortune to do Mahahudra retreat for a short time. This experience validated my practice and solidified my resolve. I sought an answer to the question of spiritual direction and in a fortuitous divination was told that I would shortly meet a lama who would say some particular words to me and ask me to support him in building a retreat center. I would achieve all that I sought if I was to serve him in this task. Shortly after, I moved to Ottawa where I met Glenn Mullin. Glen suggested I look up Zasep Rinpoche in Toronto. Rinpoche visited Ottawa later that year; I met with him (after Manjushri initiation), and he spoke the very words that had been relayed to me in the divination. I have been with him ever since.

Rinpoche has afforded me the continuing opportunity to serve him in many ways over the last 30 plus years as he has realized the purchase of Gaden Choling’s current building, the purchase of Tashi Choling Gompa in Nelson and the construction of the Tantric Temple in Nelson. I have had the opportunity to do many retreats and pilgrimages with him and to serve as his key fund raiser for many years.

I have been asked to give some advice to help students based on my experience.

1. Don’t whine! Give! Give in every way that you can for generosity is the antidote for self-

2. Don’t whine! Accept that methodical practice and service are the only solution to Duccha. There
is no one to blame for adversity.

3. Don’t whine! Serve your guru in every way that you can as it is the backbone and strength to

4. Don’t whine! Happiness only comes from ensuring the happiness of others.

Thank You Rinpoche for a wonderful life!